Soft palm waxes

Soft palm waxes are used in production of creamy white or colored container indoor and outdoor candles.


Parameter, Unit IV-BW 101 IV-BW 105 IV-BW 106
Melting point, oC 50 – 55 48 – 52 43 – 48
Acid value, mg KOH / g Max 0.20 Max 0.20 Max 0.20
Color Lovibond Max 3.0 R Max 3.0 R Max 3.0 R
Moisture & Impurities, % Max 0.15 Max 0.15 Max 0.15

Origin 100 % vegetable based
Color Creamy white
Product Form Blocks
Packaging 15 kg net cartons
Application Creamy white or colored container candles
 Note It is not advisable to heat material above 90oC.

Stir the palm wax-paraffin blend before pouring to ensure homogenelty.

Wicks, dyes and fragrances used in paraffin candles may give different results when used with palm wax blends.
Seek advice from your supplier to obtain suitable colorants and additives for your candle’s formula.

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct light.